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All Garden of Vegan vendors must specialize in vegan/vegetarian products and services. Must indicate which products are vegan or vegetarian with differences indicated. Must provide a free sample of product or demonstration of service for attendees to try. GOV vendors receive special signage and attention during the event. There is no additional fee to participate.
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All authorized vendors must adhere to all laws and ordnance applicable. Vendors may NOT sell or distribute ANY alcoholic beverages without proper city, state, federal authorizations AND written approval form Atlanta's Reggae in the Park, llc. All vendors assume all liability for their permitted booth and/ or property, merchandise, etc. There will be NO REFUNDS of the vendor/ sponsor fees, so be sure your available to attend. Each vendor is responsible for their respective booth, table(s) etc. as well as set up and break-down of their permitted area. Each vendor will receive an electronic copy of their permit as well as instructions for load in/ out for the day of the event. This is a rain or shine event. Vendors assume all liability of their products and services and can not/ will not hold Atlanta's Reggae in the Park, llc liable for any damage or destruction to their property while at any Atlanta's Reggae in the Park, llc or affiliated event. Atlanta's Reggae in the Park, llc operates in good faith in organization, promotion and execution of our events. Vendors and sponsors shall not Atlanta's Reggae in the Park, llc liable for any sales affected by weather, terrorist attack or disruption, act of god, unreasonably low attendance or any cause resulting in lower than expected return on investment for the sponsor, vendor, etc. All participants are expected to clean their respective areas and dispose of trash in proper receptacles. Failure to comply can result in fines for the individual vendor by local and state authorities.